Festival de la Fiction

Educational meetings

In partnership with département de la Charente Maritime

With a diverse and original program, the Festival is keen to introduce its young audience to the upcoming works of television and digital fiction.

From official screenings to meetings with the teams of the fictions, high school and university students live a rich experience, developing an eye for current audiovisual creation.

"The meeting with Erico Sery was natural and exciting and will perhaps lead to a future collaboration. The students were delighted and enjoyed every moment. The Masterclass had the right format and was of a rare quality. Assinie was commented and discussed. The Norwegian series Rod Knock thrilled the students."
Isabelle Godillon et Carine Goursand
BTS Audiovisuel, Option Gestion de Production
"Adults and youngsters alike really appreciated the invitation to the Festival! Everyone was particularly sensitive to the Rod Knock series, which I personally loved (I hope I will be able to see it in France soon...). The atmosphere was ideal and our students were able to record the sounds we wanted during the interview with the producer of the series, Janne Hjeltnes. It was great!"
Christophe Metayer
Collège Pierre Mendes France

Youth Jury

In partnership with département de la Charente Maritime

For more than a decade, middle school students from the Département de la Charente Maritime have been awarding the Prix des Collégiens de la Charente Maritime, a prize for a fiction in competition.

The Youth Jury watches the works entered and deliberates, before going on stage to give their verdict at the closing ceremony.

Accompanied by a godmother or godfather, they are at the very center of the process as a selection committee, in contact with professionals from the audiovisual industry.