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More than 60 films are presented in the Official Competition, in the Out-of-Competition, in the European Competition, and in the Special Projections section. Additional highlights include debates and the omnipresent festive moments of the Festival. In its twenty years of existence, the Festival de la Fiction has become one of the most important meeting points of the television industry in France.

The need to put an emphasis on television pushed Quentin Raspail to create the Festival de la Fiction.
So, every September, when the diffusers present new television series, the Festival reveals the newest works of television fiction, displaying the diversity of Francophone and International audiovisual creations. The ultimate goal is to give a voice to those who create and who love television fiction, but also to the public who gives life to these works.

Festival de la Fiction is a unique instant where novel works are brought to life thanks to the interaction between directors, producers, actors, composers, screenwriters, lighting and sound managers, technicians, diffusers, heads of industry institutes, partners, as well as the public . The screenings of the competition works are linked together by a series of aperitifs, lunches, dinners, ceremonies, debates, press conferences, encounters, out-of-competition films and professional workshops.

This is a moment of pure expression, of promoting the visibility of fiction, and most importantly a veritable stepping-stone for the future of creation.

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