Welcome to Texas

/ Finland

Season 1, Episode 1

Screening: Friday, the 14th of September, 12:00 pm – Le Dragon Cinema (FR Subtitles)

Production : Warners Bros. International Television Production Finland / Seija-Liisa Eskola, Essi Tuukkanen, Suvi Soidinaho
Broadcaster: CMore/MTV3
Distributor: ZDF Enterprises
Director: Mika Kurvinen
Creators: Seija-Liisa Eskola, Miira Karhula, Mika Kurvinen
Screenwriter: Miira Karhula
Production Manager: Antony Bentley
Director of photography: Matti Eerikainen
Production Designer: Heini Erving
Sound Engineers: Antti Wehman, Rasmus Bruun
Film editor: Kim Saarniluoto
Length: 10×42′

Casting: Maria Ylipää, Turkka Mastomäki, Saara Kotkaniemi, Joonas Saartamo, Maria Järvenhelmi

Summary: Welcome to Texas is an intense ten-part drama about a married couple who lead a smuggling operation in a small Finnish town close to the Russian border and are drawn into the world of international organized crime, while trying to protect their family.

Tuula and Upi have bought a house to settle in their hometown. This is the Russian Frontier, their Wild West, where they set up a successful smuggling ring. Their gang runs everything from drugs to weapons across the Russian border. Tuula and Upi have vowed to be honest with each other, but when difficulties arise, the promise is broken. Upi is coerced by their Russian partners to get involved in a human trafficking ring. At the same time, Tuula, who wants to make money fast and leave town, is secretly expanding their business into illegal betting. But soon things get out of hand …