Vivre sans eux (en)

/ Television Film

Screening : Saturday, the 15th September, 9:30 am – Le Dragon Cinema Production : ITALIQUE PRODUCTIONS (Hélène Delale) Co-production : FRANCE TELEVISIONS Broadcaster : FRANCE 2 Director : Jacques Maillot Screenwriter : Jean-Luc Estebe Composers : Krishna Levy, Simon Meuret Production manager : Régis Vallon Casting director : Brigitte Moidon Director of photography : Luc Pages Production designer : Jean-François Strum Sound engineer : Aline Huber Film editor : Andréa Sedlackova Format : 90’ Financial assistance : Région Grand Est Casting : Bernard Le Coq, Esther Garrel, Grégory Montel, Lilou Fogli Summary : Martin is shy, diffident, nursing a secret sickness that eats him away. Adèle is cheeky, shameless and provocative. He is 60, she is 25. He is searching for his son. She is looking for her father. At their last known address, both have been told that the couple had moved. Gone abroad, said the new owner. Although they had broken up years ago, Martin and Adèle don’t believe the man. They will search for the missing couple, and carry out an investigation the police did not deem necessary to conduct. Together, they will soon realize that their disappearance hides a murder. They will also discover what they had been refusing to see for so many years : The love they had for each other. Tracing back their trail, they will come to a better understanding of who they really were, and expose the murderer. With the participation of TV5MONDE More Information – Film France