Une vie après (en)

/ Best Screenplay / Best Actor

Screening : Thursday, the 13th September, 4:45 – Le Dragon Cinema Best Screenplay : Jean-Marc Brondolo, Emmanuel Mauro et Pierre Javaux Best Actor : Frédéric Pierrot Production : PIERRE JAVAUX PRODUCTIONS (Pierre Javaux) Co-production : ARTE FRANCE, PICTANOVO Broadcaster : ARTE Director : Jean-Marc Brondolo Screenwriters : Jean-Marc Brondolo, Emmanuel Mauro, Pierre Javaux Production Managers : Olivier Sarfati, Nathalie Patron Composer : Bruno Linck Director of photography : Marc Falchier Production Designer : Patrick Colpaert Sound Engineer : Mathias Leone Film editor : Caroline Descamps Format : 96’ Financial assistance : PICTANOVO Casting : Emilie Dequenne, Frédéric Pierrot, Marilyne Canto, Laurent Bateau, François Loriquet, Wim Willaert Summary : Marion has fallen out of love with her husband. She decides to stop lying to herself, live him, and live to the full rather than remain stuck in the reassuring routine of family life. Dominique (Frédéric Pierrot) is in an identical situation with his wife but he cannot take the next step. His meeting with Mation is a make-or-break moment… Fate throws them together face-to-face with the guilt they feel : for daring “a new life”. With the participation of TV5MONDE More Information – Film France