Tank 2 (en)

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Season 2, episode 1 Screening: Saturday, the 15th September, 3:30 pm – Le Dragon Cinema Production: EMPREINTE DIGITALE, STUDIO+ (Raphël ROCHER / Catou LAIRET) Broadcaster: STUDIO+ Director: Samuel BODIN Screenwriter: Samuel Bodin Production Manager: Nicolas TRABAUD Composers: Thomas Cappeau, Jean-Sébastien Vermalle Director of photography: Philip LOZANO Production Designer: Hee Jin KIM Sound Engineer: François LOUBEYRE Film editors: Dimitri AMAR, Richard RIFFAUD, Olivier Galliano Format: 10’ x 10 Financial assistance: CORÉE DU SUD Casting : Alban LENOIR, Bruno SALOMONE, Fred CHAU, Antoine GOUY,Délia ESPINAT-DIEF, Sophie-Charlotte HUSSON Summary: On the run for 4 years, Sneaky Braun, lands in Hando, capital of the Far East. Not to see Manon, his daughter, nor to meet his son-in-law, but to redeem a life. 2 hours later, he leads the entire family in the middle of a bloody gang warfare. The escape king will have to zigzag between triad of enemies, local police and parental responsibilities. Only this time, his choices won’t be without consequences … Because when it rains in Hando, it is not drops that fall, it is buIlets.