Sous la peau (en)

/ Mini-serie

Screening : Thursday, the 13th September, 9:15 am – Le Dragon Cinema

Production : STORIA TELEVISION (Thomas Anargyros)
Co-production : Storia Television, Be-Films, RTBF (Television belge 2018)
Broadcaster : FRANCE 3, RTS, RTBF (Television belge 2018)
Director : Didier Le Pêcheur
Creators : Sylvie Audcoeur, Anna Fregonese
Screenwriters : Sylvie Audcoeur, Anna Fregonese
Composer : Jean-Pierre Taieb
Production manager : Martin du Guerny
Casting director : Nathalie Chéron
Director of photography : Eric Guichard
Production designer : Christel Roche Chevalier
Sound engineer : Jean-Pierre Favre
Film editors : Patrick Zouzout, Christine Lucas Navarro
Format : 3 x 52’
Financial assistance : Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

Casting : Anne Marivin, Nicolas Gob

Summary : Captain Marion Kovic earned a reputation as a demanding officer with her Lyon homicide team. A happy mother and wife of a high school teacher, she keeps her feelings private, even when a breast tumor forces her to follow radiotherapy sessions. When a horrific case of women murdered challenges her, this balance is threatened. To bring justice to these victims, Marion must fight herself.

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