Skam (en)

/ 26' Serie

Screening : Saturday, the 15th September, 2:00 pm – Le Dragon Cinema Production : GÉTÉVÉ PRODUCTIONS (Alban Etienne) Co-production : AT-PRODUCTION, RTBF (Télévision Belge) Broadcaster : FRANCE 4 Director : David Hourrègue Creator : Julie Andem Screenwriters : Cyril Tysz, Clémence Lebatteux, Karen Guillorel, Julien Capron, Frédéric Garcia, Mélusine Laura Raynaud, Bruno Lugan Production Manager : Bruno Guilhem Composer : Christian Wibe Casting director : Léa Coquin Director of photography : Xavier Dolléans Production Designer : Edwige Le Carquet Sound Engineer : Joseph De Laage Film editor : Jérémy Pitard Format : 13 x 26’ Financial assistance : Collectivité territoriale de Corse Casting : Philippine Stindel, Marilyn Lima, Lula Cotton Frapier, Assa Sylla, Coline Preher, Léo Daudin, Axel Auriant, Michel Biel, Théo Christine, Zoé Marchal Summary : SKAM/FR presents the daily life of five 15-year-old girls. Through sensitivity and humor, the series tackles the issues affecting teenagers today. Each season, viewers follow the path of a single character and over the course of the events, learn about the life of this iconic group of friends and by extension, the boys they encounter. The series first follows Emma’s point of view, having just entered high school. With her new friends Manon, Daphné, Imane and Alex, she will try to organize the biggest party ever put on by high schoolers. In order to achieve this, it will be necessary to plan, raise funds, gain popularity and influence, crash trendy parties, join cool friend groups, become a part of the “populars” of senior year, even if it means redefining friendships, her relationships, breaking hearts, having hers broken… The second season will be about Manon, a mysterious and seemingly more mature teenager than the others, her relationship with her new friends and her difficult relationship with Charles, the most popular boy in high school. More Information – Film France