Sam (en)

/ 52’ Serie

Screening : Saturday, the 15th September, 2:15 pm – Le Dragon Cinema Hors-les-Murs : Friday, 14th September, 8:30pm – Saint Pierre d’Oléron (Eldorado Cinema) Production : AUTHENTIC PROD (Aline Besson, Isabelle Drong) Broadcaster : TF1 Director : Arnaud Selignac Screenwriters : Clara Bourreau, Cécile Lugiez, Lola Roqueplo, Frédéric Garcia, Charlène Galan, Julien Anscutter Production Manager : Jeanne Granveaud Composer : Fabrice Aboulker Casting director : Julie David Director of photography : Fabrizio Fontemaggi Production Designer : Franck Benezech Sound Engineer : Pierre Gauthier Film editors : Françoise Roux, Fred Massiot Format : 8 x 52’ Casting : Natacha Lindinger , Fred Testot Summary : Sam, the rebel/teacher we’d all love to have had, now lives alone. Such is the price of freedom, always her priority. Be it with her students, her children or her lovers, she has always followed her instinct, disregarding rules and regulations. But when she learns she has cancer, Wonder Woman has two choices: keeping plow full steam ahead or accept her fragility. More Information – Film France