Papa ou maman (en)

/ Out of Competition M6


Screening : Wednesday, the 12th September, 9:00 pm – La Coursive

Production : ENDEMOLSHINE FICTION (Nicolas Coppermann), CHAPTER 2 (Dimitri Rassam)
Co-production : METROPOLE TELEVISION, FARGO FILMS, NEXUS FACTORY, UMEDIA, RTBF (Télévision belge) en association avec UFUND
Broadcaster : M6
Director : Frédéric Balekdjian
Creators :  Eliane Montane, Matthieu Delaporte, Alexandre De La Patelliere
Screenwriters : Eliane Montane, Matthieu Delaporte, Alexandre De La Patelliere
Composer : Jérôme Rebotier
Online producer : Emmanuel Jacquelin
Artistic producer : Juliette Hayat
Casting director : Okinawa Guerard (Casting France), Elsa Pharaon (Rôles Enfants), Sebastiàn Moradiellos  (Casting Belgique)
Director of photography : Fabrizio Fontemaggi
Production designer : Hervé Leblanc
Sound engineer : Thomas Grimm-Landsberg
Film Editor : Stéphanie Mahet, Jérôme Breau
Format : 6 x 52’

Casting : Emilie Caen, Florent Peyre, Eye Haïdara, Fanny Cottençon, Jean-Henri Compere, Marie Narbonne, Nicolas Decroly, Charlie Paulet, Ben Riga, Sébastien Pierre,  Martin Swabey

Summary : For almost 20 years, César and Isabelle Mendès have been a fiery couple. There is thus absolutely no surprise when their relatives are a collateral damage to their natural disaster of a divorce… Starting with their three kids. She wants full custody of the kids ? So does he ! the family court judge decides in favour of a shared custody, the time for the couple to go through mediation and come to an amicable agreement. Not such an easy thing to do for the Mendès, who both get very innovative when it comes to tricking each other. All in all, they seem quite obsessed by each other; especially for a separated couple… will they go as far as admitting they still love each other.