Oasis (en)

/ Togo

Season 1, episode 1

Screening: Friday, the 14th September, 4:30 pm – Le Dragon Cinema

Production: YOBO STUDIOS (Angela et Jean-Luc Rabatel)
Broadcaster: current project
Directors: Angela Aquereburu, Jean-Luc Rabatel
Creator: Madie Foltek
Screenwriter: Madie Foltek
Composer: Kodjovi Nyakokpa
Casting director: Angela Aquereburu
Director of photography: Jean-Luc Rabatel
Production designer: Essy Kodjo (Perles et Pagnes)
Sound engineer: Annicet Bayamina
Film editor: Angela Aquereburu
Format: 20 x 26’
Financial assistance: Fonds Francophone de l’Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie

Casting: Julio TEKO

Summary: Oasis is a popular apartment complex in Lomé, filled with eccentric renters, owned by the renowned fashion designer Darraine, and managed by her handsome cousin, Alex, and his dynamic team of leasing specialists. Essé, a vibrant young woman with an agenda, joins the team as the newest leasing specialist, but quickly finds her mission compromised when she comes face to face with a blast for her past.