Mike (en)

/ 26' Serie

Screening : Saturday, the 15th September, 5:30 – Le Dragon Cinema

Production : KABOTINE (Christian Baumard, Alain Kappauf, Fabrice Lambot, Isabelle Roche)
Broadcaster : OCS
Director : Frédéric Hazan
Creators : Max Boublil, Frédéric Hazan
Screenwriters : Max Boublil, Frédéric Hazan
Production Manager : Fabrice Lambot
Composer : Mathieu Sinclair
Casting director : David El Hakim
Director of photography : Antoine Marteau
Production Designer : Marc Thiébault
Sound Engineer : Stéphane Gessat
Film editor : Sébastien de Sainte Croix
Format : 12 x 26’
Financial assistance : Ile de France

Casting : Max Boublil, Frédéric Hazan, Gwendolyn Gourvenec, Lilou Fogli, Bruno Lochet, Liona Bordonaro, Leslie Medina
With the participation of Richard Berry, Claire Nadeau, Julien Boisselier, Philippe Katerine, Sinclair

Summary : One day on top of the charts, he is now at the bottom of the ladder… Mike is a singer who has known a short-lived moment of glory in the 00’s. He has sold one million singles of his song “Say it to my face“. A French pop song hit, one among many others. But since then, his inspiration, his fans and his money are gone. At the beginning of the series, Mike is living with Franck, the ex-general director of his tour who became his manager. He is divorced from Caroline with whom he had one daughter, Liv, aged 11. On her side, Caroline started a new life with Juliette, a balanced and trustworthy young woman, unlike Mike. Yet, Mike wants to win back Caroline’s heart and his faded glory, more than anything. But with an excessive and self-destructive temper, his two goals won’t be easy to achieve…

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