Loulou (en)

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Season 2, episodes 1, 3 & 4

Screening: Saturday, the 15th September, 3:30 pm – Le Dragon Cinema

Production: LA ONDA PRODUCTIONS (Thibaud Ader, Baptiste Bertin)
Co-production: ARTE France
Broadcaster: ARTE France
Directors: Géraldine de Margerie, Alice Vial, Fanny Sidney, Emilie Noblet
Creators: Alice Vial, Marie Lelong, Louise Massin, Géraldine de Margerie
Screenwriters: Alice Vial, Marie Lelong, Louise Massin, Géraldine de Margerie, Alicia Pratx, Xavier Lacaille, Agnes Hurstel
Production Manager: Julien Lebourg
Composer: Flavien Berger
Casting director: Céline Ramirez
Director of photography: Alexandre Icovic
Production Designer: Jeanne Ader
Sound Engineer: Lucas Rollin
Film editor: Baptiste Ribrault
Format: 5’ x 10
Financial assistance: /

Casting: Louise Massin, Guillaume Pottier, Marie Lelong, Alice Vial, David Chenaud, David Marsais, Romane Bohringer, Florence Loiret Caille, Maxence Tual

Summary: At the end of LOULOU season 01 last episode, we left her on a boat in the middle of a pond, ready to give birth. In this 2nd season, we find a mother of a little boy of 3 years, Alex, who just entered kindergarden. It’s over with Marcus for 2 years, but they remain on very good terms. They are so much in their roles that they have realized that they are no longer a couple. Single, Loulou is still very close (and dependent) of his band of friends, Alice, Marie and Max who evolved, in their own way. We will always be in this world of Loulou, through existential questions. How to find yourself a young mother alone in a week? Has Loulou finally entered adulthood?

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