Les Rivières pourpres (en)

/ 52’ Serie

Screening : Thursday, the 13th September, 4:30 pm – Le Dragon Cinema Production : STORIA TELEVISION (Thomas Anargyros) Co-production : Storia Television, Maze Pictures, ZDF, UMEDIA Broadcaster : FRANCE 2, ZDF Director : Julius Berg Creator : Jean-Christophe Grangé, Editions Albin Michel Screenwriter : Jean-Christophe Grangé Composer : David Reyes Production manager : Ludovic Eyrolle Casting director : Christophe Moulin Director of photography : Bruno Degrave Production designers : Luc Noel, Perrine Rullens Sound engineer : Dominique Warnier Film editors : Jean-Daniel Fernandez Qundez, Aïn Varet Format : 8 x 52’ Financial assistance : uFund, Wallimage, Tax shelter belge Casting : Olivier Marchal, Erika Sainte Summary : After the Guernon case in the mid-2000s, Pierre Niémans was shelved as a teacher at the Officer Training Academy, and ended up being reached by someone at CBVC (Central Bureau for Violent Crime). During a mission, he stumbles upon his best and most free-spirited student Camille Delaunay. From there, they start working together. Niémans and Camille are called out to all parts of France to solve complex cases which all involve a weird brutality far beyond the capacity of local police departments to respond. They are the emergency response team, but they are street cops, products of the city, experts in big-league crime. Familiarity with human evil is in their DNA. They are funny, alert, efficient, dangerous. And they will stop at nothing to nail the killer.