Les impatientes (en)

/ Best Actresses

Screening : Thursday, the 13th September, 2:00 pm – Le Dragon Cinema

Best Actresses : Noémie Lvovsky, Roxane Potereau, Léonie Simaga

Production : SEPTEMBRE PRODUCTIONS (Jean Nainchrik)
Broadcaster : FRANCE 2
Director : Jean-Marc Brondolo
Screenwriters : Fabienne Lesieur, Nicolas Jean, Anne-Elisabeth Le Gal
Composer : Olivier Militon
Production manager : Marc Barbault
Casting director : Okinawa Guerard
Director of photography : Marc Falchier
Production designer : Christel Roche Chevalier
Sound engineer : Eric Masson
Film editor : Caroline Descamps
Format : 3 x 52’
Financial assistance : Région Auvergne Rhône-Alpes

Casting : Noémie Lvovsky, Roxane Potereau, Léonie Simaga

Summary : Impatients is about three very different women forced to share a single jail cell after a chance encounter. An ordinary mother, a rebellious young criminal offender, and a brilliant researcher: nothing about their background, education, race or reason for incarceration would suggest that they can find common ground. But the physical confines and psychological stress brought on by inhumane cohabitation forces them to share their crimes, fears, and hopes for the future. Longings that are different and yet – still the same.

With the participation of TV5MONDE

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