Jonas (en)

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Screening : Thursday, the 13th September, 9:30 am – Le Dragon Cinema Best Television Film Best Production : Christophe Charrier Best Music : Alex Beaupain Production : EN COMPAGNIE DES LAMAS (Sandrine Brauer, Marie Masmonteil) Co-production : ARTE FRANCE Broadcaster : ARTE Director : Christophe Charrier Creator : Christophe Charrier Screenwriter : Christophe Charrier Composer : Alex Beaupain Production manager : Frédéric Hubscher Casting directors : Youna De Peretti, Audrey Gini Ravel Director of photography : Pierre Baboin Production designer : Stéphane Perazzi Sound engineers : Hyacinthe Lapin (chief operator), Emmanuel Croset (sound mixer) Film Editor : Stéphanie Dumesnil Format : 85’ Financial assistance : Région PACA Casting : Félix Maritaud, Nicolas Bauwens, Tommy-Lee Baïk, Aure Atika, Marie Denarnaud, Ilian Bergala, Pierre Cartonnet Summary : Jonas’ path during two moments of his life, echoeing each other. In 1997, while he was a shy and secretive teenager, and 18 years later, as he became a seductive and impulsive young man trying to find his life balance. His world has been completely shaken when he was 15 and met Nathan, an intriguing friend who wants to help him discover who he really is. Years later, Jonas is still haunted by his past and Nathan’s souvenir. With the participation of TV5MONDE More Information – Film France