Je sais tomber (en)

/ Adami Young Hope (Actor) / Nouvelle-Aquitaine South-West Readers Prize

Screening: Saturday, the 15th September, 11:30 am – Le Dragon Cinema Adami Young Hope (Actor) : Benjamin Voisin Nouvelle-Aquitaine South-West Readers Prize Production : STORIA TELEVISION  (Thomas Anargyros) Co-production : STORIA TELEVISION, ARTE FRANCE, PICTANOVO Broadcaster : ARTE Director : Alain Tasma Creator : Pierre Grillet Screenwriters : Alain Tasma, Pierre Grillet Composer : Fabrice Aboulker Production manager : Bertrand Soupey Casting director : Soone Xuan Director of photography : Pierre Milon Production designers : Denis Mercier Sound engineer : Martin Boissau Film editor : Yves Deschamps Format : 93’ Financial assistance : Pictanovo Casting : Benjamin Voisin, Margot Bancilhon Summary : Life is what it is in Picardie. Kevin is 20, a 125cc bike, and a part time job in an industrial farm. Due to an accident, he is struck by Alice’s smile. A smile leading to a dream and love. To be close to Alice who is an acrobatic horseback rider, he will learn to ride a horse. Changing one’s life is possible. He believes it. To fall, rise up, again and again, nothing scares him, in work or elsewhere. But Alice, she’s not a dreamer. Hence for Kevin begins a perilous equestrian and sentimental trial. He will lose a couple feathers in the process but still have enough to take off. With the participation of TV5MONDE More Information – Film France