Jacqueline Sauvage, c’était lui ou moi (en)

/ Out of Competition TF1

Out of Competition – TF1

Screening: Thursday, the 13th September, 9:00 pm – La Coursive

Production: UGC (Franck Calderon)
Co-production: TF1, Umedia, Be Films, RTBF
Broadcaster: TF1
Director: Yves Renier
Creator: Je voulais juste que ça s’arrête, by Jacqueline Sauvage, Editions Fayard
With the collaboration of Janine Bonaggiunta and Nathalie Tomasini
Screenwriter: Marie Deshaires, Catherine Touzet, Jean Falculete and Negar Djavadi
Composer: Brice Davoli
Production manager: François Dubois
Casting director: Michael Bier – Angelique Luisi
Director of photography: Kika Ungaro
Production designer: Florence Vercheval, Eugénie Collet
Sound engineer: Dirk Bombey
Film Editor: Stéphanie Gaurier
Format: 90′
Financial assistance: CNC
Casting: Muriel Robin, Olivier Marchal, Alix Poisson, Armelle Deutsch, Samantha Rénier, Laura Sepul, Erika Sainte, Clément Manuel

On Monday, September 10, 2012, Jacqueline Sauvage shot her husband the back three times. She then learned that their son had just committed suicide. And so the most publicized trial in recent years commenced. We retrace her time in prison and the two trials that were all over the news. Discover her story, the ordeals that this woman and her children went through, the controversies about her personality and the twists and turns around her case.