Invisibles (Invisible)

/ Best Foreign Francophone Fiction

Season 1, episode 1

Screening: Thursday, the 13th September, 3:00 pm – Le Dragon Cinema

Best Foreign Francophone Fiction

Production: TSK STUDIOS (Karamoko Toure)
Broadcaster: CANAL+ AFRIQUE
Director: Alex Ogou
Creator: Alex Ogou
Screenwriters: Aka Assie, Alex Ogou
Production Manager: Alex Ogou
Composer: Arnaud De Buchy
Casting director: Adelaïde Ouattara
Director of photography: Abdul Aziz Diallo
Production Designer: Papa M. Kouyate
Sound Engineers: Koly Diabate, Jean Nobou
Film editor: Abalotu K. Patchidi
Format: 10 x 52’

Casting: Ali Cisse

Summary: Chaka and his big sister Hadjara decide to leave their parents in debt. To survive, the girl finds a job, but Chaka, too young to work, is seduced by his friend Timo who will introduce him to Kouess, a leader of a gang. Despite the supplications of his sister, Chaka let Timo and Kouess initiate the vandalism and violence. Chaka strives to forge a reputation as a boss without mercy. But his ambition attracts him the wrath of Kouess who does not accept his frequent insubordinations. As Hadjara tries to save his brother from the delinquency, a ruthless struggle is launched between Chaka and Kouess. It’s the beginning of a merciless war …