Illettré (en)

/ Television Film

Screening: Friday, the 14th September, 2:00 pm – Le Dragon Cinema

Production : ESCAZAL FILMS (Sophie Révil)
Broadcaster : FRANCE 3
Director : Jean-Pierre Améris
Creator : D’après le roman Illettré de Cécile Ladjali
Screenwriter : Murielle Magellan
Composer : Quentin Sirjacq
Production manager : Alain Mougenot
Casting director : Tatiana Vialle
Director of photography : Pierre Milon
Production designer : Denis Bourgier
Sound engineer : Bernard Ollivier
Film editor : Sylvie Laugier
Format : 85’
Financial assistance : Aide à la production de la région PACA

Casting : Kevin Azaïs, Sabrina Ouazani, Annie Cordy

Summary : Leo, a thirty year old worker, has a secret which he carries like burden: he is illiterate. When his hand is swallowed up by a machine because he did not read the instruction notice, his whole life turns around. His boss sacks him because he had hidden the fact he was illiterate. He falls in love with Nora, the nurse who looks after his damaged hand, but their affair is cut short when she discovers that he cannot read or write…. Like a child, worse, a subhuman… The shame that has followed him all his life, is creating a wall between him and the others. He has his back to the wall, the time of choosing for Leo has come: either he lets himself sink, or he tries to tame words…

With the participation of TV5MONDE

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