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/ Best 26’ Series

Screening: Thursday, the 13th September, 11:45 am – Le Dragon Cinema

Best 26’ Series

Production: LINCOLN TV (Christine de Bourbon Busset)
Broadcaster: OCS
Director: Emilie Noblet
Creators: Angela Soupe, Sarah Santamaria-Mertens
Screenwriters: Angela Soupe, Sarah Santamaria-Mertens, Camille Rosset
Composer: Julie Roué
Production manager: Astrid Bordeloup-Hauschild
Casting director: Okinawa Guérard
Director of photography: Lucie Baudinaud
Production designer: Quentin Millot
Sound engineer: Anne Dupouy
Film editors: Clémence Carré, Emmanuelle Labbé
Format: 10 x 26’
Financial assistance: Région Ile de France

Casting: Tiphaine Daviot, Raphaël Quenard, Eric Naggar, Marie-Sohna Condé, Louka Meliava, Marie Matheron, Wim Willaert, Mathieu Métral

Summary: Sheila is a young psychiatry intern who believes she can define, contain and heal madness. For her, the boundaries ofwhat is socially acceptable and what is not are very precisely defined. But little by little, her points of reference will change. Through time, and the cases she encounters, the cruel world of the psychiatrie ward will turn out to be far more welcoming than harsh life within the norms. One by one, her patients will highlight that which has always been hiding inside her.

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