Heimebane (Home Ground)

/ Norway

NORWAY Season 1, Episode 1 Screening: Friday, the 14th of September, 4:45 pm – Le Dragon Cinema (FR Subtitles) Production: Vilje Kathrine Hagen, Yngve Sæther and Vegard Stenberg Eriksen for NRK Co-Production: Motlys Broadcaster: NRK Distributor: DR Sales Director: Arild Andresen Creator: Johan Fasting Screenwriter: Johan Fasting Production Manager: Magnus Ramsdalen Composer:  Aslak Hartberg Casting Directors: Celine Engebrigsten and Mia Jensen Director of Photography: Sjur Aarthun Production Designer: Astrid Sætren Sound Engineer: Renate Baake and Magnus Torkildsen Film Editor: Veslemøy Blokhus Langvik Length: 10 x 50’ Cast: Ane Dahl Torp, John Carew, Axel Bøyum, Emma Bones Summary: When a newly promoted football club lose their trainer just before the start of the league season, a female, Helena Mikkelsen, gets the historic chance to coach the team, even before an ambitious retired professional.