En tout cas (Anyway)

/ Québec

Season 1

Screening: Thursday, the 13th September, 11:30 am – Le Dragon Cinema

Broadcaster: TVA
Director: François Jaros
Screenwriter: Rafaële Germain
Production Manager: Marie-Laure Merriaux
Casting directors: Brigitte Viau, Isabelle Thez-Axelrad
Director of photography: Vincent Biron
Production Designer: Marc Ricard
Sound Engineer: Stéphane Houle
Film editor: Isabelle Malenfant

Casting: Guylaine Tremblay, Anne-Élisabeth Bossé, Mickaël Gouin, Clémence Desrochers, Yan England, Sophie Desmarais, Diane Lavallée, Laurence Leboeuf, Sophie Faucher

Summary: Whose mother hasn’t expressed her disagreement with a simple “En tout cas”? En tout cas is also the title of a comedy featuring the loving, stormy and genuinely funny relationship between a mother, Danielle, and her two children, Chloé and Fred. Danielle has just joined them in Montreal, where they have been living for 12 years. The many characters gravitating around them include Danielle’s mother Claudette, Chloé’s exboyfriend and current best friend Simon, Danielle’s eccentric university professor Jim, Fred’s girlfriend Sophie, Danielle’s neighbour Marie and her (very good-looking) son of Chloé’s age, Danielle’s sister Hélène who has a perfect relationship with her daughter Alexandra. These kind folks will be involved in life’s pleasures great and small, as well as personal and professional challenges, sometimes offering unsolicited advice (often excellent) and always good for a laugh. At the heart of it are Chloé and Danielle, who, like mothers and daughters we have all known, have a complex and deeply human relationship made up of moments of bad faith, “I told you so’s” and a whole lot of love.