Dukla 61

/ Czech Republic

CZECH REPUBLIC Part 1 Screening: Saturday, the 15th September, 2:15 pm – Le Dragon Cinema (FR Subtitles) Production: Czech Television (Michal Reitler) Broadcaster: Czech Television Director: David Ondricek Screenwriters: Jakub Režný, Matej Podzimek Production Manager: Matej Stehlik Composer: Beata Hlavenková Casting Director: Katerina Oujezdská Director of Photography: Marek Dvorák Production Designer: David Vondrášek Sound Engineer: Pavel Rejholec, Viktor Prášil Film Editor: Jakub Hejna Length: Part 1 : 81’ ; Part 2 : 73’ Casting: Marek Taclík, Martha Issová, Oskar Hes, Antonie Formanová, Peter Nadashi, Lucie Žácková, Jirí Langmajer, Robert Mikluš, Martin Myšicka, Pavel Batek, Václav Neužil Summary: A two-part television film focused on the family of an elite miner and set against the backdrop of the biggest mining disaster of the second half of the 20th century, which left 108 men dead. A family drama capturing the story of a period when socialism was alive, work conditions resembled capitalism and the last of the last was first. In Czechoslovakia’s newest city Havifov records were broken, but so were people- in the name of the Red Star shining above the region’s showcase, the Dukla mine, which was about to switch from a six-day to five-day working week. It possessed the highest quality coal, coal that needed to be extracted in the interests of the socialist economy. At any price.