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/ Adami Young Hope (Actress)

SWITZERLAND Screening: Saturday, the 15th September, 16:00 pm – Le Dragon Cinema Adami Young Hope (Actress): Lola Créton Production: Vega Production Sarl (Ruth Waldburger, Jean-Marie Gindraux) Co-production: RTS, ARTE Broadcasters: RTS, ARTE Director: Jacob Berger Screenwriters: Noémie Kocher, Jacob Berger Production Manager: Jean-Marie Gindraux Composer: Julien Painot Casting director: Mariangela Galvao Tresch Director of photography: Felix von Muralt Production Designer: Rekha Musale Sound Engineer: Jürg Lempen Film editor: Véronique Rotelli Format: 95’ Casting: Marthe Keller, Julie Gayet, Lola Créton Summary: Geneva 2018. On a train, Isabelle spots a young woman entirely clad in Islamic attire. Her heart skips a beat: it’s Anaïs, her granddaughter! Without saying a word to Anaïs, Isabelle calls Léa, Anaïs’ mother, who lives in Montreal. Léa immediately flies to Switzerland. She wants to understand why her daughter has converted to Islam. But Isabelle believes that if Anaïs secretly became a Muslim, there must be a reason. A reason Isabelle and Léa need to discover. As Isabelle and Léa realize how fanatic Anaïs has grown, Léa also finds out that Isabelle, her mother, was involved in a terrible attack on a Swissair flight, in 1970, which killed 47 people flying from Zurich to Tel Aviv. Among the victims, was Léa’s own father! What if both stories were connected?