Deux gouttes d’eau (en)

/ Television Film

Screening: Thursday, the 13th September, 11h30 am – Le Dragon Cinema

Production: VEMA PRODUCTION (Véronique Marchat)
Broadcaster: FRANCE 2
Director: Nicolas Cuche
Screenwriter: Johanne Rigoulot
Creator: by Jacques Expert’s  Deux gouttes d’eau © Sonatine Editions 2015
Composer: Christophe La Pinta
Production manager: Claude Azoulay
Casting director: Agathe Hassenforder
Director of photographyTristan Tortuyaux

Production designer: Bertrand L’Herminier
Sound engineer: Philippe Donnefort
Film editors: Thierry Rouden, Anne Saïac
Format: 90’

Casting: Sylvie Testud, Michaël Youn, Hugo Becker, Oscar Copp, Camille Aguilar, Khalid Maadour, Marie-Christine Barrault

Summary: Audrey Favreau’s dead body is found in her appartment on a freezing winter morning. For detectives Valérie Laforge and Sam Barbieri, this case doesn’t need further investigation: all the evidence points to Antoine, victim’s fiancee. But Antoine has a twin brother, Tom, who looks like him… like two peas in a pod. Dealing with this toxic relationship, and the relocation of their police station, Laforge and Barbieri have to go beyond appearances and defeat their own demons to find the true murderer.

With the participation of TV5MONDE

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