Camionero (en)

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Screening: Saturday, the 15 september, 3:30 pm – Le Dragon Cinema Production: EVIDENCIA FILMS, STUDIO + (Franco Lolli, Marthe Verdet, Gilles Galud) Broadcaster : STUDIO+ Director : Jacques Toulemonde Screenwriters : Jacques Toulemonde, Elise Benroubi Production Manager : Ruben Goldfarb Composers : Clément Tery, Velandia Director of photography : Oscar Duran Production Designer : Ramses Benjumea Sound Engineer : Matthieu Perrot Film editor : Gustavo Vasco Format : 10’ x 10 Casting : Andrès Crespo, Angie Cepeda, Tania Valencia, Andrès Soleibe, Karin Matiz Summary : Abelardo is a truck driver, but he’s in trouble. To save his marriage, he throws a huge birthday party for his fifteen-year-old daughter, well beyond his means. To afford it, he moves two hundred pounds of cocaine to the other side of the country. The thing is, this time, he’s messing with the wrong kind of gangsters.