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/ Out of Competition Arte

Screening: Thursday, the 13th September, 18:45 pm – La Coursive

Production : KELIJA (Katia Raïs)
Co-production : Kelija (Katia Raïs), ARTE France
Broadcaster : ARTE
By Thomas Cailley
Creators : Thomas Cailley, Sébastien Mounier
Screenwriters : Thomas Cailley, Sébastien Mounier
Composer : HiTnRuN
Production manager : Frédéric Fourgeaud
Casting director : Okinawa Guerard
Director of photography : Yves Cape
Production designer : François Gila Girard
Sound engineer : Jérôme Chenevoy
Film Editors : Camille Toubkis, Lilian Corbeille
Format : 6 x 52’
Financial assistance : CNC, Région Ile de France, Procirep Angoa

Casting : Yvan Attal, Garance Marillier, Niels Schneider, Rod Paradot, Anne Azoulay, Ariane Labed, Hanna Schygulla, Victor Assié

Summary : They thought they had conquered death, until seven bodies turned up—all suicides, all minors. Death pact? Political act? Cry for help from a hopeless generation? 120-year-old cop Darius leads the investigation with young suicidal rebel Christa in this vertiginous descent into the depths of a world drifting toward eternity… or oblivion… A series by Thomas Cailley (Love at First Sight).

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