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/ 26' Serie

Screening: Saturday, the 15th of September, 11:45 am – Le Dragon Cinema

Production: CALT PRODUCTION (Hervé Bellech)
Co-production: ALLYS PROD
Broadcaster : C8
Directors: Fred Scotlande (épisode 7), Varante Soudjian (épisode 10)
Creators: Ahmed Sylla, Moussa Sylla, Fary Brito, Jason Brokerss, Remi Boyes, Julien Rebbache
Screenwriters: Thomas Pone, Jason Brokerss (épisode 7), Thomas Pone, Varante Soudjian (épisode 10)
Production Manager: Pascale Marcon
Composer: Stéphane Jean Louis
Casting director: Patricia Guyotte
Director of photography: Morgan S.Dalibert
Production Designer: Isabelle Delbecq
Sound Engineer: Mathieu Cabooter
Film editors: Brian Shmitt, Quentin Boulay, Mikael Samson
Format: 20 x 26’

Casting: Ahmed Sylla, Julie Bargeton, Amir El Kacem, Olivier Charasson

Summary: Falling television show recruits the talented Yanis youtubeur, 26-year-old, to turn the corner. Without experience, he will have to face the skepticism of his new colleagues and discover the other side of the scene of the artist’s life, for the best or for the worst.

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